Folder & File Lock
Folder & File Lock Free
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Folder & File Lock
Folder & File Lock
Folder & File Lock
Folder & File Lock


The folder and file protection software that you are waiting for is now here!

I have completely re-worked on the app. Thank you for all the feedback and reviews for the initial version.

This app can
Lock your folders,
Encrypt/Decrypt all the files in a folder
Choose files and encrypt with a passcode and decrypt later with the same passcode.

You can encrypt any file(.mp4,.jpg,.jpeg,.png,.avi,.mov, .* etc) with a pass-code. No other program will be able to view /open the file.

The application uses AES-256 Bit key as encryption technology so no one will be able to decrypt your files by using any other software with out your password.

Absolutely no ads.

Try it now!

The app requires purchase to lock multiple folders. Rest of all the features like file encryption and locking one folder are Free! Try the latest version and you will like it.

  • Lock Folder
  • Secure your folder
  • Encrypt your files
  • Decrypt your files
  • Recover your password
  • Encrypt any file format (.docx, .mp4, .mkv, .doc, .xlsx, .txt, .*)
  • Share encrypted files with your people with a passcode to decrypt
  • Hide your folders
Product ID: 9MVD647DWGM8
Release date: 2018-11-09
Last update: 2022-03-11