Formula GP
Formula GP
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The application that shows the all time Formula 1 Statistics along its History.

Search through all drivers, constructors, races and circuits that had ever been in a Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Keep yourself informated about the last Grand Prix events, including the qualifying results, the race results, the race position evolution and even the standings at the end of the GP.

Every element on the application has a Wikipedia report related for that users who want to read the whole history about a driver, a race or even a circuit.

The season list shows the Driver’s and Constructor’s Champions.
Clicking on the season, you’ll be able to see al the races that held a GP.

The race info contains the finish podium, but you can see in a detailed list the final result table. For those races which a Qualifying times are available, they’re also displayed.
If the lap times are also available, the fastest lap is displayed.

The lists have friendly searchbars to improve the user experience.

Drivers and constructors details have races, podiums, points, poles and even more counts to know them.

Circuit details provides a button to find the track in Google Maps.

The screens and activities have links in order to navigate into the application easier.

Retrieves data from an API and display the content into your smartphone in a very simple way.

Product ID: 9N739RJ76595
Release date: 2019-10-16
Last update: 2022-03-13