FRC Scout
FRC Scout
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Events can be recorded by pressing the buttons on the right or by tapping hotzones on the field. The buttons can have an image background making it easier to distinguish button options during a match.
The app uses the official FRC API to download the list of events. If an official event is selected, the app will download the list of matches (Qualification and Playoff) so the team being scouted can be automatically set.
Freeform notes can be added both before and after a match.
The events recorded and reported are fully customizable. Time is the time from the last event to the current event. Cycle time is the time between events of the same type. For instance, the time between one "high goal" and the next "high goal."


This is a generic scouting tool designed to be used live during a match to record the activity of a single robot during a match. This data can then be combined to produce reports that can show average, minimum, and maximum counts of items, timings of items and cycle times items. If internet connectivity is available, it will download the match list for an event so by specifying a station, the team number being monitored will be auto populated. The app comes pre-populated with scouting templates for Steamworks and Stronghold.

Product ID: 9P9LSGM09KGQ
Release date: 2017-02-27
Last update: 2020-10-20