Global ATM map
Global ATM map
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Don't forget to take this program going on vacation. It will help you find an ATM even on Sardinia.
or bank branches on Gran Canaria
Click the top-left icon Hamburger to open Settings panel. Press button ATM+Banks to show all ATM and bank branches on Rhodes.
Select a bank from the bottom dropdown list to filter ATM or/and branches. You can turn off the circle on the map using toggled button at top-left corner of the screen. It is a full-screen mode. Press the arrowed button on the left to switch this mode. If you click any icon of ATM or branch in the map you will see the location address in the top message string and a phone number for the bank.
If you switch the toggled button Panorama in On in the Settings you can see a street view photo where the selected ATM or branch is located. Unfortunately, this nice option work only for locations in USA, UK and France.
You can save ATM and banks which are shown in the circle on your device locally in the Memory. To save items press the icon Diskette on the left side of screen. Later you can see these saved items selecting mode Memory in the Settings. You will work with the saved items in the same way as with ones getting on-line.
To delete items from Memory switch Delete toggle in On at first. Than a button Delete appears on the left side. Use the circle to select items for deleting inside it and press button Delete.
You can use the tablets like MS Surface to work with the program in the same way as with desktops and smartphones. The screen shows ATM on Bronx in New York. There are many of them there. Use dropdown list at the bottom or search string to filter ATM by banks name. You should switch blue toggle on the left of the screen to choose the filter type.
The dropdown bank list filter. Select a bank from this list to filter ATM by bank. Refresh button on the left can reset filter. The brush icon let you clear screen without any items deleting.
The text string filter.
Global ATM map


The program shows banks, ATM, payment terminals (kiosks) on the map worldwide using Microsoft Binq Spatial Data Services.

  • Can show banks (branches), ATM and payment terminals on the map into the search circle;
  • Data Source from Microsoft Binq Spatial Data Services. Covers all continents a nd countries a part from some of them; Covers all continents a nd countries a part from some of them;
  • Use a bank selection from the dropdown list as a filter for showing bank branches and bank’s ATM. List sort oder is specified by name or number in Settings;
  • You can save the found ATM and banks in local Memory;
  • Max number of showing objects = 250 icons on the map;
  • Counts a total number of branches and ATM in the circle;
  • Semi-transparent sliding circle for discovering banks and ATMs with off option;
  • You can get bank’s address and phone number just by click a bank’s icon on the map and make phone call;
  • Set optimal view zoom for selected group of objects on the map;
  • Street view panorama for selected ATM or bank in the USA, UK and France;
  • Application was tested for several platforms with Windows 10: smartphones (4” – 6” ), tablets, desktop;
  • Use slider to change radius of searching and set a max value for radius in the Settings;
  • Use Portrait or Landscape mode working with smartphones;
  • User geolocation on the map with preset accuracy in the Settings;
  • Use a preloaded map, a unique Microsoft feature, for browsing map smoothly;
  • Turn on/off switch to show the searching circle on the map;
  • Select several map mode: Road, Aireal and mix;
  • Select a bank on the map for getting its address and phone number, make a phone call just clicking the map icon;
  • Map control buttons: 2D/3D map transition, map rotation, zoom in/out;
  • Provide search text string to find objects on the map;
Release date: 2016-04-18
Last update: 2022-03-11