GPS Maps Navigation
GPS Maps Navigation Free
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GPS Maps Navigation
GPS Maps Navigation
GPS Maps Navigation
GPS Maps Navigation
GPS Maps Navigation
GPS Maps Navigation


Keep track of your real time locations everywhere you go using the advanced GPS locator with coordinated and time saving utilities for your touch devices.


Locate your family, friends, vehicles as well as your personal corner on the maps and store them on your device forever.

One-Touch access for sharing location with friends and social media with instant upload features. Sharp navigator view for convenient viewing of the roads and directional guidance towards your fixed destination.


  • Smart Share feature on the windows device for feasible online sharing
  • Point to Point location saving for quick references
  • Redesign maps using multiple map styles while navigating on the device
  • Renovated design and flexible search engine for new users
  • Multi-Search options such as search by address and route finder
  • Directional mapping of the routes to navigate efficiently
  • Viewer’s corner to highlight each saved location and routes on the device
  • Customizable names on the maps to point the current location
  • Stable and light application
  • Get instant directions on maps while driving or walking

Essential application for your windows device and a perfect companion to walk along with anywhere on the world outside. Precisely locate yourself and never get lost on the roads using the simplistic GPS tracking device in your pocket.

Stay updated with your point to point navigation on your device with detailed mapping and it is also capable to mark the exact location and travelling distance between the stored destinations.

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  • Location Tracker
  • Share Your Location Easily
  • Search By Adrress
  • Route Finder
  • Viewer
  • Your Devices Position Saver
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Release date: 2016-04-20
Last update: 2023-05-23