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Park the motorboat in the slip
Park the catamaran
Dock the yacht at the pier
Get to know the harbor
Maneuver quick and avoid collisions for a good score


Train to stop, dock and turn your ship with this realistic simulation app.

Maneuvering your ship in close quarters can be a challenge and must be trained well. Hafenskipper simulates harbour maneuvers under power and can help you to get a good understanding of the ship dynamics.

Dock your ship perfectly, let everyone admire you and train to do it with Hafenskipper.

Your Mission:

  • Maneuver the ships safely through the harbour
  • Dock at the pier and park in the slip
  • Choose one of the 12 training levels or drive around freely
  • Complete one level successfully to unlock the next level

+Realistic physics simulation
+6 ship types: Boat with outboard engine, motorboat, small dinghy boat, sailing yacht with engine, motor yacht with twin engine, catamaran
+12 training levels
+1 free running mode with optional wind and current simulation and mooring
+1 free running bay mode with wind, mooring and anchoring

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Product ID: 9NBLGGH4X6LJ
Release date: 2016-09-16
Last update: 2022-03-12