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Professional stats in training handball.

HBtraining helps you to record the actions of handball matches to generate valuations and statistics.


  • Fully configurable general rules.
  • Administration of multiple teams and players.
  • Register of basic actions (Goals and Foults) or Advanced (Complete).
  • Operating with linked actions.
  • Ability to share actions with other users (Wi-Fi / Bluetooth).
  • Graphical display of the evolution the score of the recorded matches.
  • Player valuations.
  • Match statistics sheet.
  • Global and partial statistics of teams and players.
  • Graphics statistical evolution and trends of the team and players.
  • Maps spatial location shots and stops.
  • Comparison between players (One On One).
  • Live broadcast of your team’s matches (Broadcast Station).
  • Scout module with best HBtraining players (Scouting).
  • Backup copies of the database.
  • Export and import files of handball matches.
  • Registry of improvements and suggestions of the users.
  • Fully configurable, Multiple teams, Register basic or advanced, linked actions, share actions (Wi-Fi / Bluetooth), Players valuations, Stats Sheet, Maps location shots & saves, Broadcast, Scouting.
Product ID: 9MVXW25NDZXK
Release date: 2020-07-03
Last update: 2022-03-11