Hearing Aid
Hearing Aid $1.50
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Hearing Aid
Hearing Aid
Hearing Aid


Transform your low cost android device into a hearing aid for both ears for $1.50! Hearing aids can cost $6000. This app costs $1.50. Works with earbuds, headphones, and speakers. Uses digital mathematics to give the maximum loudness. You can even use wireless earbuds for freedom. Don’t have to keep the tablet on your person. This hearing aid app gives you amplification unlike others in this category. Has loudness control; new feature. To use with alexa, hold the home button until the monitor dims and say, “Alexa lower volume,” or “Alexa raise volume.” Always make sure your earbuds are plugged in when using this app or bluetooth is on. Get your insurance to pay for a new kindle fire with this app! Deduct it on your taxes as a medical expense! Can be used as a baby monitor with bluetooth speakers.

Version 5.0:

Added noise suppressor function, echo cancellation function, and automatic gain control where available.

  • Sound output
  • Warning text
  • Works with alexa voice command
  • Loudness control
  • End button
  • Use as baby monitor
  • Check box to start app at phone power on
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