HippoDoc Password Manager
HippoDoc Password Manager
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The HippoDoc Password Manager helps a user to organize passwords, credit card numbers, accounts and PIN codes. The software stores all data encrypted in one local file.

Reduce all your Passwords to one Master Password.
All your data and login information is protected with one Master Password. You remember one Master Password and HippoDoc remember all others.

The program has no connection to other software. It does nothing automated or in the background. You decide when you use encrypted information. Only the information that you see on the screen is decrypted all other data stays always encrypted.

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The application HippoDoc Password Manger securely stores your data in one single encrypted file on your local device.
Only you can decrypt the data with your password. If you loos the password the data are lost and cannot be reconstructed.
The application does not share data with other programs or services.
The data are stored only local and never on a server or in the cloud.
The application does nothing automated or in the background.

  • Stores all data encrypted in one local file, no data on servers or clouds.
Release date: 2013-08-30
Last update: 2019-02-01