i-Drive Config
i-Drive Config
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Main screen
Connect to i-Drive unit, access Diagnostics, adjust Configuration
Diagnostics Screen
Diagnostics screen displays real-time sensor position and activation information.
Diagnostics screen can also be used to check user's proficiency with input device.
Channels screen
Configure Input Port settings from this screen.
Multi-Tap and Mode screen
Adjust Multi-Tap input activation time window and Mode Switch output length.
Output screen
If i-Drive has FW 4.6 or higher, set i-Drive's 9-pin for Proportional or Switch output via this screen.


Configure i-Drive® Advanced Drive Control interfaces

With i-Drive Config, you can change the setup of an i-Drive® interface to suit the user’s needs using your Windows computer or tablet.

After logging in with your dealer credentials, you can access all adjustable settings to configure the i-Drive interface. Complete tasks such as joystick calibration; sip-n-puff pressure threshold adjustments; and, setting up hybrid configurations enabling different input types to operate the wheelchair.

Please Note:

  • An i-Drive® Advanced Drive Control interface v4.0 or greater is required.
  • Without dealer credentials, only Diagnostics screen will be accessible.
  • See real-time sensor activation on Diagnostics screen.
  • Change Input Port settings
  • Perform Joystick calibration
  • Adjust Sip-n-Puff pressure thresholds
Product ID: 9PJ1301MRHLW
Release date: 2017-11-13
Last update: 2022-03-11