Infant care
Infant care
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I am a practicing physician myself and I daily encounter parents who have many queries regarding what’s best for their babies. There are also parents, who have some misconceptions about baby care and they unknowingly harm their kids. So, this app is an attempt to spread information on best parenting practice so that your babies are always healthy, happy and smiling. This is also an effort to strengthen WHO’s “Health for all” movement.

This may not be the ‘Best Parenting App’ and it will definitely not make you a pediatrician (Children’s doctor) but will help you know when to see one and also when not to. It will also help you know what all parents are supposed to know about babies, especially till 1 year of age (AKA infants) because it is the most crucial time period of someone’s life. Your newborn needs you, so you should be ready with a smiling face.
So, it’s a guide to the most important months of your baby’s life. Ready to become baby care masters!!! Have a Happy Parenting…

The contents of this app are mostly based on guidelines by WHO (World Health Organisation) & IAP (Indian Academy of Pediatrics).

  1. Breastfeeding
  2. Vaccination
  3. Growth & Development
  4. Oral Hygiene
  5. Normal findings in a newborn (no need to panic)
  6. Things not good for your baby (stop doing them)

CAUTION: This app is just for guidance, consult a pediatrician whenever there is doubt.

  • Parenting guide
  • Learn everything about babies
  • Become well informed parents
  • Always have smile on yours and baby's face
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