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Publish all your official results quickly and efficiently.

Whatever the sport, for a championship or a single event, benefit from a playful interface gathering all your documents.

Its responsive interface fits perfectly on all your digital tools (PC, Tablets and Smartphones). A simple Internet connection will then be necessary to consult or even sign documents online.

The consultation (download and print) is completely free and free.

Intended primarily for organizations or federations, ITS RESULTS has secure access by personal account (with rights allocation).

Each event requires the establishment of a list of officials with access to the tools and features of their own modifications and signatures.

Sharing and consultation of official documents (information, general organization, lists of entries, etc.) are only accessible by the declared official.

Revised official documents will be posted upon reconnection.

Publish all official results very quickly (in PDF or TABLEUR format).

All your documents will be archived on our servers (Besançon) and permanently searchable online.

Visual warning to indicate a document to be published Online or to sign (the PDF or XLS icon changes color depending on the pending action).

Dematerializing your official documents means contributing to the efficiency, agility and responsiveness of your organization by streamlining relations between the officials and the timing team. The electronic signature is certainly one of the most successful examples of the possibilities offered by dematerialization.

Due to ITS RESULTS and its timestamp, the electronic signature of your official documents will have the same value as a handwritten signature.

Printing paper documents for official signing is often tedious and expensive; It also requires a person to move quickly to reach the various stakeholders to validate the results.

With an eco-responsible approach and simple and fast operation, ITS RESULT allows the electronic signature of the results (from a PC, a tablet or a smartphone). Only an internet connection will be required.

Keep in touch with all officials and authorized persons using the Online Chat available with your ITS RESULTS interface.

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Release date: 2018-01-26
Last update: 2022-03-12