Jazz Improvisation Techniques Guide
Jazz Improvisation Techniques Guide
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Jazz Improvisation Techniques Guide
Jazz Improvisation Techniques Guide
Jazz Improvisation Techniques Guide
Jazz Improvisation Techniques Guide


How do you teach improvisation? Our trainer, Gregg Fine, breaks down the process into an easily learned series of steps based upon understanding music theory, harmony and form. He takes you on a sonic journey explaining the the different jazz formats from standards to bitonality. All along the way he provides a series of practice lessons to make sure that you can easily and quickly follow along.

Throughout this course you learn melodic and chordal techniques you can deploy in your own music. No matter what style of music you play, these concepts will help you take your music to all kinds of unexpected places.

You learn how to build solos based upon structured melodic techniques. You see how to make chordal substitutions to add interest and variety to your progressions. Gregg also explains how to improvise inventive melodies using all kinds of scales and modes to help shape your musical ideas.

Jazz is built upon improvisation. It’s a musical breeding ground where innovative ideas are born. But you don’t have to be a “jazz head” to benefit from concepts explained this course. If you’re a songwriter or even a dance music composer, the techniques that Gregg Fine demystifies will inspire you expand your musical horizons and generate all kinds of new, innovative ideas.

So get ready to harness the power of improvisation and take you music and performing to places it’s never been before.

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