JEMPass for Windows
JEMPass for Windows
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JEMPass works with your JEM device to make signing in to your apps and website accounts Simple • Seamless • Secure.

Simple Set Up

Setting up your JEM device is easy: the sign up process takes only a few minutes. Make sure you have your JEM device handy and that it is fully charged.

Once enrolled, add your usernames and passwords to JEMPass. Your data is stored securely in an encrypted form that only you can decrypt, using your JEM device fingerprint and your fingerprint.

Seamless Use

When you try to sign in to an app or a website, JEMPass will prompt you: simply press the JEM button to activate JEM and verify your fingerprint when prompted.

JEMPass will decrypt your credentials and autofill it into your app.


JEMPass makes multi-factor authentication a simple, single-step process. Only you can decrypt your data — both your enrolled JEM device and your fingerprint are required to decrypt your data.

Your credentials are protected by end-to-end encryption — meaning that unencrypted JEMPass data never leaves devices under your control.

JEMPass data is always and seamlessly synced and usable across all your Apple devices — regardless of the iCloud account — as well as other devices you may use, such as devices running Windows, and in Chrome, Edge and Firefox.

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Product ID: 9MWV1M33CC4H
Release date: 2021-01-28
Last update: 2021-01-28