Judo Score
Judo Score
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A simple user interface for keeping scores
Easy switching between Match times and Oseakomi times through the settings interface.
A normal view during a match.
The app can handle everything, no matter how odd the match turns out.


Judo Score helps you to referee Judo matches. I built this with my own practical experience with kids tournaments in mind: you don’t want to be too occupied with stopping timers etc. So the app automates the scoring as little as possible (like automatically adding Oseakomi scores to Yuko/Waza-Ari’s) , but it will follow the international judo rules automatically turning two Waza-Ari into an Ippon. So as a score-keeper you can simply tap on the points indicated by the referee and the app will do the rest. It also includes an undo-button, reversing the last point/penalty given.

Product ID: 9NBLGGH42CMW
Release date: 2016-10-14
Last update: 2019-01-29