Jugger Drum
Jugger Drum
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Category: Sports
Supports two half or three thirds and counts time and stones.
Different match customizations are possible.
Supports landscape, portrait and snapped view with all functions.
If the match is drawn, 'Golden Jugg' can be selected.
Screenshot of the 'Golden Jugg' mode
An accidental tap on 'Retake' can be undone.


Jugger Drum is an app for counting time and points of a Jugger match, in addition to replace the drummer (or stone thrower) if a person for this job is missing.
For each drumbeat a sound is played. Different game speeds (1, 1.5 or 2 seconds per drumbeat) are supported by the app.

Jugger is a sport that was inspired from the 1989 movie ‘The Salute of the Jugger’, released in the USA as ‘The Blood of Heroes’.

  • 1, 1.5 or 2 seconds per drumbeat
  • Supports games with two halfs or three thirds
  • Supports all situations of a Jugger match including retake of a turn and 'Golden Jugg'
  • Displays the time of the match, time of the half/third and time of the current turn
  • Simple to use and free of ads
Product ID: 9WZDNCRDFB91
Release date: 2013-08-19
Last update: 2019-02-04