Just (Video) Player
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Just (Video) Player
Just (Video) Player
Just (Video) Player
Just (Video) Player
Just (Video) Player
Just (Video) Player


Android video player based on the ExoPlayer library. It uses ExoPlayer’s FFmpeg extension with all its audio formats enabled (it can handle even special formats like AC3, EAC3, DTS, DTS HD, TrueHD etc.).

It properly syncs audio with the video track when using Bluetooth earphones/speaker.

Supported formats

  • Audio: Vorbis, Opus, FLAC, ALAC, PCM/WAVE (μ-law, A-law), MP1, MP2, MP3, AMR (NB, WB), AAC (LC, ELD, HE; xHE on Android 9+), AC-3, E-AC-3, DTS, DTS-HD, TrueHD
  • Video: H.263, H.264 AVC (Baseline Profile; Main Profile on Android 6+), H.265 HEVC, MPEG-4 SP, VP8, VP9, AV1
  • Containers: MP4, MOV, WebM, MKV, Ogg, MPEG-TS, MPEG-PS, FLV
  • Streaming: DASH, HLS, SmoothStreaming, RTSP
  • Subtitles: SRT, SSA, ASS, TTML, VTT

HDR (HDR10+ and Dolby Vision) video playback on compatible/supported hardware.

To load external (non-embedded) subtitles, long press the file open action in the bottom bar. The first time you do that, you will be offered to select root video folder to enable automatic loading of external subtitles.

Open source / source code available: https://github.com/moneytoo/Player

  • Audio/subtitle track selection, playback speed control
  • Horizontal swipe and double tap to quickly seek
  • Vertical swipe to change brightness (left) / volume (right)
  • Pinch to zoom (Android 7+)
  • Resize (fit/crop)
  • Volume boost, touch lock (long tap)
  • Auto frame rate matching on Android TV/boxes (Android 6+)
  • Post-playback actions (delete file/skip to next)
  • No ads, tracking or excessive permissions
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