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Kids for youtube
Kids for youtube
Kids for youtube
Kids for youtube
Kids for youtube


Welcome to Kids for youtube - a safe and exciting world of fun and learning! Designed specifically for young audiences, Kids for youtube is a kid-friendly app that offers a wide range of engaging videos tailored to children’s interests and ages.

With Kids for youtube, kids can explore a vast library of age-appropriate content, from educational videos that teach them about colors, shapes, numbers, and letters, to entertaining videos featuring their favorite cartoon characters, songs, and stories. From funny videos that spark laughter to educational videos that encourage curiosity and learning, Kids for youtube has something for every young viewer.

The app features a colorful and easy-to-navigate interface that is simple for kids to use independently. They can easily search for videos, browse through categories like “Preschool,” “Cartoons,” “Science,” “Music,” and more, or discover videos curated by trusted content partners. Videos are carefully screened and filtered to ensure they are appropriate for young viewers, so parents can have peace of mind knowing their kids are watching safe and age-appropriate content.

Kids for youtube also offers features that allow parents to customize their child’s experience. Parents can set up individual profiles for each of their children, enabling them to create personalized content preferences and restrictions. Parents can also set time limits, restrict search options, and even disable certain features to ensure their child’s online experience is safe, enjoyable, and aligned with their values.

  • Safe and kid-friendly app designed for young audiences
  • Wide range of engaging videos tailored to children's interests and ages
  • Educational videos teaching colors, shapes, numbers, letters, and more
  • Entertaining videos featuring favorite cartoon characters, songs, and stories
  • Easy-to-navigate interface with categories like "Preschool," "Cartoons," "Science," "Music," and more
  • Videos carefully screened and filtered for age-appropriate content
  • Customizable profiles for individual children with personalized content preferences and restrictions
  • Parental controls including time limits, search options, and feature restrictions
  • Exciting world of wonder and discovery just a tap away
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