Lenovo Vantage
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Lenovo Vantage
Lenovo Vantage
Lenovo Vantage
Lenovo Vantage


Enhance your PC experience with Lenovo Vantage. Vantage is a free app that makes it easy to optimize your computer performance and enable your device security protection. With Vantage, you can:

. Customize your PC for how you use it with hardware setting controls
. Check your warranty, discover the latest updates and request support 
. Install important software updates and get the latest drivers
. Run device diagnostics 
. Vantage Smart Performance allows you to run a scan to assess your PC’s overall performance and identify issues that can be quickly fixed to make your device run smoother.
. Access online Wi-Fi security with advanced algorithms and crowd sourced security data to preemptively warn you about risky networks, so you can make safe connections. 
. Lenovo Smart Lock, powered by Absolute®, is a cloud-based security solution that helps locate, lock, secure, and recover your stolen device and gives you complete control over your personal information
Vantage consolidates functionality into one easy-to-use application – less clutter for your PC means more control for you.

Release date: 2012-08-07
Last update: 2024-01-04