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Lock Mate
Lock Mate
Lock Mate


It is a security software (Rockmate) that identifies the person who touched when the PC is started.
■ What is the Rockmate App?
PCs are basically password-controlled and cannot be used by anyone other than the owner, but in IT education settings such as schools, children may “mischief” and operate their friends’ PCs. Since you do not know the password, you cannot operate the PC, but you may want to identify who did the “mischief”. This application is an application for identifying individuals who have done such “mischief”.
[Main functions of this application]
・Take a picture when you fail to unlock Lockmate
・Take a picture when Lockmate is closed, minimized, or touched by another application.
・Photos are saved on your PC
・Photos are transferred to Google Drive through the network

■ How to set
① Install this application on your PC.
② Copy the Lockmate shortcut to the startup directory
 →For details, see “Adding an application that automatically runs when Windows starts”
③Restart the PC.
④ When Lockmate starts up, register your ID
⑤ Set the unlock password, password that will be a hint, etc.
⑥ Synchronize the photos saved in the PC with Google Drive
 →For details, see “How to automatically synchronize data with Google Drive”
⑦ Now, when you start the PC next time, Lockmate will start up and request the unlock password.

  • For details, please search on the “Lock Mate website”.
Product ID: 9PM90MS7B897
Release date: 2022-11-14
Last update: 2023-03-01