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Logbook App
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Home screen which shows you the most recent cases. You can edit, delte or view cases here.
You can view each case in more detail which also shows you the curriculum, journal articles and exam questions which are all linked to your case.
Insertion of cases is simple, fast and touch friendly.
The summary page gives you reports that are ARCP compliant and can be printed.
You can list all of your cases. Clicking on the arrow on the right of each case will expand the case so you can view your notes and this also allows you to edit, delete or view the case in more detail.
If you are using an older version of Microsoft Edge than Progressive Web Apps might not work. Our app will automatically revert to an online only version which looks similar but does not let you view or insert cases when you are offline.


Our user-friendly logbook automatically links your logbook cases to the Royal College of Anaesthetists curriculum, relevant journal articles and past exam questions from the Final FRCA written exam.

We have developed various forms to help you with data insertion. The default one is our “Smart form” that displays procedures and anaesthetic technique based on the speciality you have selected. This form has been designed for mobile phones so you can quickly tap on the available options.

Logbook reports can be printed and are compliant with the ARCP format.

You can import your logbook cases from your old RCoA logbook or export your entered cases to an Excel file.

  • Anaesthetic logbook
  • Fast data entry
  • Links cases to the curriculum, articles and exam questions
  • ARCP compliant reports
  • Import of old cases from RCoA logbook and export of current cases to an Excel spreadsheet
  • Education section with plenty of background knowledge
Product ID: 9N92LBJJJLJP
Release date: 2018-07-30
Last update: 2022-03-13