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LVM GEO Mobile is a mapping app developed by JSC Latvia’s State Forests (LVM). The app provides variety of maps and geospatial information as well as rich functionality. LVM GEO Mobile enables LVM and our clients to communicate with their contractors by geospatial work orders. The app enables companies to access their geospatial business data with a specific authorization mechanism. This allows to view, edit and collect business data in the field and seamlessly synchronize with company’s database.

Users have access to various tools – measuring distanceand area, searching, coordinate conversion, location sharing. Functionality and map library (orthophotos, background maps, LIDAR models, land cadaster, nature conservation data, etc.) suits for all needs – professional use for working in the field and adventures in the nature.

  • Background maps and data layers, LVM tourist sites, position determination, map object search, coordinates, KMZ and GPX import, receiving work orders, adding company layers
Release date: 2019-03-14
Last update: 2023-02-28