Mammoth for Mastodon
Mammoth for Mastodon Free
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Mammoth for Mastodon
Mammoth for Mastodon


“Mastodon is more dynamic”
It is such a Mastodon client application of the concept.
The basic part will be able to dynamically move between instances by the unique function of the application while keeping Mastodon intact.

Main functions
· Multi-instance combo box
Register the instance in the combo box and move it dynamically between instances with one tap. Like a mammoth.

· Jump list
Learn browsed users and tags and list them in the most used order. Access the necessary information at any time with one tap. It also dynamically moves between instances. Like a mammoth.

· In-app notification
Just launch this application to display notifications for all registered instances. This powerful sense ability is the mammoth.

· Post screen overlap
We will display the submission screen in overlap on the main screen. You can post while watching the timeline even on a narrow screen. It will be like a mammoth around the overlap.

· Sleep suppression function
If you set the sleep suppression function to ON in the setting, you will not sleep the device while using the application. Do not darken the screen when you are already watching the timeline. This push is the mammoth.

· Select and search
When you select text, the search button will be displayed on the right side of the screen. Select words and search immediately. Did you know that mammoth is actually smart?

· Sharing transmission / reception
You can share the title and URL of the page you are currently viewing to other applications, or you can receive and share to other applications. Mammoth.

  • Client App for Mastodon
  • Multi-instance combo box
  • Jump list
  • Post screen overlap
  • In-app notification
  • Sleep suppression function
  • Select and search
  • Sharing transmission / reception
Product ID: 9PGX2MB9NRZ9
Release date: 2017-04-24
Last update: 2022-03-12