MapCortex - Free Edition
MapCortex - Free Edition
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Map with Labels, Custom Pushpins and Free lines.
High contrast map
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Draw on a street map, on satellite imagery or even on National Geographic maps! Is this even possible? The answer is yes, with MapCortex Free Edition you can not only create complex drawings on street maps and satellite images, but you can also save this map and continue drawing on it later on.

With MapCortex Free Edition you can:

  • Draw on streetmap or satellite view, add lines, polygons and icons as you please.
  • Snap lines and polygons together while you draw them.
  • Save this drawing and load it in next time you log in.
  • Bookmark interesting areas on a map.
  • Search and zoom for addresses using our address search functionality

Let’s see these tools in details then. You can add lines, polygons and a vast array of icons to many different types of maps. More importantly though - if you happen to have a touch screen device you can just easily draw anything with your fingertip on the map choosing your preferred color and width of the line. This means you can just put a handwritten note to a map, save the image and email it to your friends and co-workers immediately.

MapCortex also enables you to measure area or length of lines on a map, thus helping you to find out the size of a property you are interested to purchase or the length of your weekend trail. Furthermore, you can also search for addresses using our address search functionality and if you happened to find anything very interesting on a map, for example a historic monument or a possible UFO crash site you can easily bookmark it and go back to the location at any time.

Did we mention you can save and load your map drawings too? The current version enables you to have one project saved, but we are working on to enable you to have multiple saved projects as well.

With MapCortex Free Edition you can also create screenshots of the map view along with your individually added drawing elements. We save these screenshots on the MapCortex application folder on your OneDrive. Lastly, whilst you browse through your previously created screenshots you can simply just email them to your friends and colleagues from the screenshot management window without ever leaving the application.

Hope you enjoy using MapCortex Free Edition.

  • Mapping
  • Draw on Map
  • Draw on Street Map
  • Bookmark Street Map
  • Create Map Screenshot
Product ID: 9NBLGGH4P4QJ
Release date: 2016-06-28
Last update: 2022-03-12