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Can run on laptop, desktop or on the plate. Change of data works best on laptop or desktop. Look at the data works well on all platforms.
This app can be used for many different things. Here is an example archiving orienteering events. With map and the running track.
You can open up a full folder with all your events and select directly on your overview map.
Selecting your event give you possibility to simulate the event or find all your statistics as length and time if you have added this info.
Why not archiving a history place like this. Maybe it was a holiday place you visit?
Did you walked in the alps or up in the mountains this summer? This you can save and show for your friends.
Did You run NY Marathon! This can easily be remembered and saved in this app. You can even animate the run after.
The English start screen


A utility that can easily store your images and display them on an overview map. The program is developed to save orientation maps with controls, jog and map location and shape. But it’s just as easy to just save your vacation photos and view them on a compilation and select the image from the map instead of the explorer.

  • Save, open and show pictures on workd map
Release date: 2016-04-11
Last update: 2020-10-19