Master Key
Master Key
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Master Key
Master Key
Master Key
Master Key


Master Key is a secure and convenient solution which allows you to access all of your services or websites with only one password while having a set of unique and complex passwords at the same time.

Master Key is a password manager that combines a generator and a vault which does not store any passwords in the memory but generates them on the fly on basis of two factors: your unique ‘master key’ and service name. Each password can be additionally variated by changing it’s type, length and version.

Purchasing this app is voluntary, trial version has no limitations and is free of advertisements. Any donations will be much appreciated.

  • password generator of various type (complex, alphanumeric, letters, digits)
  • password vault
  • data synchronization over private OneDrive cloud
  • interactive manual
Product ID: 9NPX31CW4N79
Release date: 2017-11-30
Last update: 2022-03-12