Master Tung`s Acupoint Anatomy
Master Tung`s Acupoint Anatomy
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‘Master Tung`s Acupoint Anatomy’ is a professional application made with a 3D human body model, and it is present the nerve-dominant area based on the “董氏針灸正經奇穴學 -1973-“.

“The first and only in the world“
‘Master Tungs Acupoint Anatomy’ is the only product in the world that expresses the nerve-dominant area of the Master Tungs Acupuncture Point on male and female 3D human models.

“High accuracy”
‘Master Tung`s Acupoint Anatomy’ is based on the “董氏針灸正經奇穴學 -1973-“. We have improved the accuracy through the supervision of professors and Korean medical doctors from Korea Medical University.

“Unique and convenience never before"
‘Master Tung`s Acupoint Anatomy’ is allow you to easily compare and check ‘The Tung’s acupoint’ in a 3D human body model with each nerve-dominant area at the same time and separately.

“Multinational availability”
The contents of ‘Master Tung`s Acupoint Anatomy’ was created in Korean, Chinese and English together, which allows it to be used across the world. However, the neural-dominant terminology was not translated into English yet, because there are more problems to consider.

  • The first and only in the world
  • High accuracy
  • Unique and convenience never before
  • Multinational availability
Release date: 0001-01-01
Last update: 0001-01-01