Match Point Scoreboard Pro for Volleyball and Table Tennis
Match Point Scoreboard Pro for Volleyball and Table Tennis
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This is a full featured score tracking application for your Volleyball or Table Tennis matches.

Forgot to bring the league scoresheets? Can’t see the scoreboard at your kids’ matches? Those guys at open gym not keeping score again when there are teams waiting? Match Point Scoreboard Pro can help!

  • Scoreboard can be used in full screen portrait, full screen landscape, or original classic portrait mode with score grid always displayed.
  • Track (add/subtract) scores for two teams. Options to vibrate on point change and to use the large point tile as an add button.
  • Configurable match options: points per game, point caps, timeouts (number and length), automatic side switching after games, side switch reminder during tiebreaker game, ability to set starting score for volleyball (e.g., 4-4), side switch alert for grass/sand matches.
  • Pre-set templates for Table Tennis and Volleyball.
  • Match Logging: displays game start/end time, match winner, game record and scores.
  • Game logs which display each point change, timeout, and other game actions! Individual game logs are automatically saved and can be viewed from the match log.
  • Score line graphs. View the current game/set or past graphs from the match log!
  • Court overview screen for volleyball with support for 15 players per team. Automatic and manual player rotation. Save player data to team’s database. Ability to mark a libero player and specify player starting locations.
  • Create unlimited teams! 190 team colors to choose from for up to two selectable team colors! Team records (matches/games/points) track automatically when each game finishes! Team records can also be manually edited.
  • Standings page, sort by win count or win %. Email plain text or HTML. Team record editing.
  • Share Match results via email, Google+, Google Drive, Skype, or Twitter! Game logs can be included in plain text or HTML. HTML match logs will include score graphs. Due to an issue with Facebook’s android app, only in-game scoreboard images, score graphs, and the standings screen image can be shared to FB, no text.
  • Display team standings. Sort by win count or win percentage. Share standings via email and include HTML Standings.
  • Displays scores for all games in the match.
  • Serve indicators: One by the score grid, and also optionally as a white border around serving team’s tile.
  • Ability to switch sides (and optionally do it automatically after each game.)
  • Auto-rotates to portrait or landscape modes (can also lock to one or the other.)
  • Configurable Switch Alert to remind players when to switch sides for volleyball grass/sand matches.
  • Supports “events” so you can separately keep track of your teams and standings in different leagues and tournaments!

More features are still to come!

Explanation of Application Permissions:

  • “modify or delete the contents of your USB storage” and “test access to protected storage” are used when sharing screen shots or sharing html attachments. The files must first be written to external storage before they can be attached to the sharing mechanism.
  • “control vibration” - There’s an option to have your device vibrate when the score is changed.
  • Configurable score tracking application for Volleyball and Table Tennis
  • Save and share game/set and match results
Release date: 0001-01-01
Last update: 0001-01-01