Match Race
Match Race
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Match Race provides split-screen video playback.
On this screen you can select or delete previously saved race configurations.
Notice the App Bar at the bottom of the screen where you can save, reset or add race configurations.
On this screen you can pick a video from your videos library to use for a race entry.
This screenshot shows the Quickstart tutorial.
On the main screen you can select videos to race, synchronize the video start positions and race.


Match Race allows you to race against your competition without actually being in the same motorcycle or auto race. First record yourself and another competitor from the same location on the track. Then load those two videos in Match Race, synchronize the start positions and click race. While both videos play simultaneously you can watch who is winning the race or just compare techniques. The overall effect is similar to a Split-Screen used during the recording of televised motorcycle and auto racing events.

The application also offers an optional in-app purchase of Match Race Premium. With this add-on you can add an unlimited number of race configurations, modify race configurations, delete race configurations and change video playback speeds.

  • Race your competition by playing two videos simultaneously.
  • Track your own progress by recording yourself twice and having those two videos race.
  • Evaluate rider technique and machine performance by recording specific sections of the track and having those video clips play side-by-side in Match Race.
  • Saves race configurations for ease of future use.
  • Can be used in all forms of Motorcycle Racing (Motocross, Supercross, MotoGP) and Auto Racing (NASCAR, Formula 1, IndyCar).
Release date: 2014-01-27
Last update: 2020-10-19