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Its the collaborative coordinated care continuum across clinical systems led by physicians, non physicians, diagnosticians and health settings functionaries with patient at-its-center with the objective of returning them healthy, happy ever.

mbrace health envisages living life hale, hearty by pursuing wellness ways that keeps one active physically and agile mentally while consuming right food in right quantum at right time. And less dependent on therapeutics beyond when essential by pursuing preventive self care leveraging technologically advanced medical gadgets that enables monitoring the whole gamut of vitals. Thus its goal is encouraging and enabling the population to lead healthy life without becoming burdensome on oneself and on the paltry resources of physicians and non physicians who could be adequately available to those who need and deserve their time and attention.

mbrace health is the enabler providing digitized processes using handheld devices, that normally owned by the people, for monitoring and controlling their health outcomes whenever they want from wherever they are.

One, The quick-accessing database that encompass their demography detailing personal and family particulars, history covering social, medical, surgical, psychological, allergies and health profile giving the perspective of the current conditions and its status as being experienced currently.

Two, Are the safe caring processes where the individual can on her and his own undertake health checks using medical gadgets to read vitals. And enter the data read into the system for assessment, guidance and alert as when consulting right physician for right intervention at the right time.

Three, Electronic health records is a accessible repository carrying the host of documents that include prescriptions, pathological reports, radiological images that was obtained against studies obtained over period of time.

Three, Medication which has a ready reckoner of what medicine you consume for what illness, for how long, in what dosage, who prescribed, from which pharmacy sourced or bought over the counter. Besides it enables ordering medication to the pharmacy before running out of stock and get refilled in time.

Four, Care & Management presents the data that was posted by specialist physicians and experienced non physicians at all times when they were consulted on various events as out-patient, in-patient and emergency patient for the gamut of episodic conditions over lifetime.

Five, The teleconsulting process where a virtual encounter is enabled with the physician | non physician at all times where physical meeting is not necessary and purpose is limited to preliminary or follow-up consultation. With database and electronic health records at the disposal, the prospect of teleconsulting is extraordinarily good on outcome. Armed with the data, the physician consulted would now make informed decisions most accurately.

What should effervesces from foregoing inputs is that the mbrace health has the capability to enable one take responsibility of his, her own health and rapidly access care whenever intervention becomes essential.

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Release date: 2021-02-19
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