McStats Basketball Stats
McStats Basketball Stats
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Easily keep track of your favorite team, school, player basketball statistics. Emphasis on ease of stat entry to minimize missing any of the game action. Simple straightforward interface for managing game options, teams, and team players.
Features Include:

  • Manage Multiple Teams
  • Manage Multiple Seasons
  • Full Scoreboard Display
  • Single Screen Control For Stat Entry
  • Full Game Management
  • High School, College, Professional, International, and User Defined Game Types
  • Game Clock, Shot Clock, Period and Possession Arrow
  • Easily Adjust Clocks
  • Team Fouls and Bonus Indicators
  • Timeout Control
  • Track Both Home and Visitor Team Basketball Stats
  • Track Individual Player Basketball Stats
  • Field Goals, Three Pointers, and Free Throws Made/Attempts.
  • Shot Chart For Field Goals and Three Pointers
  • Rebounds – Offensive, Defensive
  • Fouls – Offensive, Defensive, Technical
  • Assists, Steals, Blocks, Turnovers, Charges Taken, Deflections, Held Ball
  • Playing Time
  • Easily Substitute Players In/Out – Swipe In, Swipe Out
  • Easily Reverse Inadvertent Entries With Single Swipe
  • Save/Load team lineups.
  • Generate In-Game/Final Game Summaries
  • Generate Season Summaries
  • Email Game/Season Summaries Viewable With Any Brower (HTML)
  • Generate MaxPreps Game Import File – Official MaxPreps Stat Partner
  • Email Team/Game Files For Import On Another Android Device

Supported Devices: Phone, 7” and 10” Tablets
Suggestions/Problems email [email protected]

  • Basketball stat tracking with full scoreboard display.
  • Individual/team shot charts available.
  • Game/Season summaries to email to teammates/family/fans/friends.
Product ID: XPFPHG92KC88WD
Release date: 0001-01-01
Last update: 0001-01-01