MedList Prescription Management Application
MedList Prescription Management Application
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Have a list of your medications available when you visit medical providers. Store full prescription information and set reminders to take them. Add medical provider and medical facility contact information and have MedList generate calendar entries for appointments. Link to your provider’s web page or patient portal.

MedList is a simple to use, independent, self-contained app that exists entirely on your device. It does not use the internet or cellular data (navigation to a web page doesn’t apply). All data is stored on the device and is deleted when and if the app is uninstalled.

MedList is supported by an unobtrusive add, so if you like MedList please click on the add whenever you use it.

  • Keeps dosage and prescripton refill information.
  • Sets reminders to remind when it is time to take medicines.
  • Sets calendar dates for medical appointments.
  • Selfcontained: does not need internet connection.
  • Data is kept in a private area on your device.
Product ID: 9PDS9564HM0M
Release date: 2017-10-09
Last update: 2019-01-29