METRO - Baseball Scorebook
METRO - Baseball Scorebook
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Score Sheet View - Easily showing start and end of innings, player stats and inning stats.
Main Field View
Play Type Editor
View Previous At Bats - Swipe through past innings to view where the batter has hit during previous at bats.
Lineup Editor
Stats - Common baseball stats can be generated for games and for a teams.
Ability to select a designated Pitcher
Categories View - To group your teams into seasons for analysis and organization
Pitcher Stats for all games created with the new release


A modern, touch based application to keep track of baseball stats. Easy and fun to use during games to not only pass time, but to store valuable information regarding the games. Can be used for all levels of baseball from little league to professional baseball scoring as well as softball.

Designed for modern hardware, this application is 100% touched based. This makes it very easy to quickly keep track of what’s going on in the game and recall it for future references. Big, easy to see and fluid makes keeping store fun.

Categorize your games by teams, seasons or whatever you like. Customize the colors of the categories to your team colors for easy recognition. This enables you to easily track stats throughout a season, player or team.

Automatically calculates all common baseball stats. Enables you to view reports at any time and export them to Excel where you can do more analysis with the data.


  • Categorize Teams into Seasons
  • View Hit Charts during the game
  • Score Sheet View depicting all player stats and inning summary stats
  • Pitch counts
  • Errors
  • Star Ratings that will also be reporting on
  • Statistics Report that can be exported to Excel for further analysis
  • Pitcher Statistics
  • Designated Hitter and Designated Pitcher
  • Live Tile Support
  • Baseball Scoreing
  • Statistics
  • Softball Scoreing
  • Reports
  • Score Sheet
Product ID: 9WZDNCRDQV57
Release date: 2014-01-14
Last update: 2021-04-15