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Mind Tracker BCI
Mind Tracker BCI
Mind Tracker BCI
Mind Tracker BCI


The BCI Mind Tracker app allows boosting your own effectiveness and learning how to ditch anxious thoughts.

For whom?

If you wish to multiply your personal productivity and efficiency, while hoping to get rid of disturbing thoughts that keep you awake at night — the Mind Tracker app and Gelo devices are just what you need.

How does it work?

Neurons constantly generate electrical signals called brain activity waves. The sensors of Gelo devices read these waves, and the BCI Mind Tracker app decodes the signal into the metrics easy to understand, such as:

It also indicates brain cognitive load at a certain moment: whether and how the user’s brain is overloaded with the current tasks.
If you figure out the tasks that load your brain the most, revisit your routine, learn how to see fatigue, and rest at the right time, you will be able to multiply your productivity.
The Training section features a course to help you learn how to fight anxious thoughts by using biofeedback.

What can the Mind Tracker do?

  1. The BCI Mind Tracker determines the user’s individual Alpha Peak Frequency (iAPF). IAPF is a genetically determined intrinsic feature of brain activity that is responsible for a person’s behavioral pattern

It is measured within the frequency of 7 to 13 Hz. Alpha peak is gauged by Mind Tracker in just 2 minutes. iAPF values in Hz determine inclination to certain social roles, such as:

creative people (7–9.5 Hz)
managers (9.5–10.5 Hz)
engineers (10.5–13 Hz)

  1. The tracker identifies the user’s current psycho-emotional state. Mind Tracker BCI will help you know your biorhythms and tell you when to take a break and when to take on difficult tasks.

  2. The Mind Tracker helps you kill troubling thoughts and stress. An individual gets into stress due to uncontrolled anxious thoughts. Ability to relax and beat stress literally means learning how to be in a state free of disturbing thoughts. Our Resilience course, consisting of 25 sessions, 6 minutes each, is designed to help you master this ability.

By training the power of alpha waves one learns to turn off anxious thoughts and reduce stress levels.
Mind Tracker allows training your brain how to maintain a high alpha rhythm while you work, study or perform other challenging tasks

  1. Cognitive load monitoring indicates when excessive strain arises to threaten the productive state. This is how it helps to come back to a resourceful state, keeping focus on the task.

Scientific research

The technology for the Mind Tracker BCI app was developed by Gelo, based on research of individual Alpha Peak Frequency, the Klimesch fatigue index, and the biotech lab’s own scientific developments.

  • analysis of brain activity
  • cognitive score monitoring
  • emotional state monitoring
  • emotional states and cognitive monitoring day-by-day
  • statistics
  • neurofeedback trainings to reduce stress level
  • neurofeedback trainings to maintain mind focus
  • productivity improvement
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