Mirage (Desktop)
Mirage (Desktop) Free
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Mirage (Desktop)
Mirage (Desktop)
Mirage (Desktop)
Mirage (Desktop)
Mirage (Desktop)


With Mirage: Virtual Monitors, seamlessly transport your current PC experience into Mixed Reality.

Extend your desktop’s functionality by creating, manipulating, and interacting with virtual monitors
from your HoloLens. Improve productivity, empower imagination, and immerse in entertainment.

Mirage requires you run two applications, one on your HoloLens and one on your PC. Download “Mirage: Virtual Monitors” on your Hololens 2 to get started.

NOTE: This app requires elevated privileges.

  • Display and extend your desktop content as virtual monitors on the HoloLens
  • Interact with virtual monitors as touch screens, even if the paired desktop doesn't support touch.
  • Have your virtual monitors follow you around wherever you go (within range of your WiFi network)
  • Stream your desktop audio to your HoloLens
Product ID: 9N9344QQH5CN
Release date: 2020-12-22
Last update: 2022-03-13