Motion Capture
Motion Capture Free
Rating (2.9)
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Category: Security
Used for capturing uninvited wild animals
Adjust sensitivity level
Monitoring backyard activities
Open Photos to browse captured pictures in a split view
Set record media option to Video
Captured videos are stored under "Videos\Motion Capture"


Utilize attached cameras to visually monitor what comes in sight. ‘Capture’ button on the middle of the screen also works as motion level indicator. Wave to the camera and adjust sensitivity to your comfort level. Push the button to start or stop monitoring. When motion is detected, pictures are taken every second and stored by date-time in user’s Pictures Library under “Motion Capture” folder.

You may choose to record video by setting record media option. Video will be taken and stored by date-time in user’s Video Library under “Motion Capture” folder.

  • Capture motions and store pictures in your picture library.
  • Adjustable sensitivity level.
  • Shadow mode to hide the screen while monitoring. Tap again to show the screen.
  • 'Capture' button indicates motion level with color: white (no motion), orange (motion detected), red (motion being captured)
  • Record media as photo or video.
Release date: 2014-04-28
Last update: 2019-01-28