Multi Archer Amercian 900 Round
Multi Archer Amercian 900 Round
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Multi Archer Amercian 900 Round


Multi Archer American 900 Round is a Windows 10 UWP application designed to provide archers the means to record their scores in shooting an American 900 Round, up to 4 archers scores maybe tracked with each round. The application has the ability to classify each archer by Division and Style, it comes with a number of pre-defined Divisions and Styles and provided the capability to add, change or delete them. Selecting a Division and or Style is not required. Scoring is accomplished by touching the end; which activates the scoring dialog and allows the data to be entered. The review and deletion of saved rounds is included as well as the ability to print scores of saved rounds, printing also provides space for the archer and scorers to sign the round.

Product ID: 9NDM97ZBHJ2K
Release date: 2017-08-24
Last update: 2022-03-12