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Category: Sports
Playback many different inbuild moves.
View in full or split screen mode.
Navigate via a simple menu system.
Move limbs into place to create your required moves.


MyMoves is a human movement creation, storing and playback system. Ever wanted to remember a particular yoga pose, dance step, kung fu punch? With this app you can store it away in the palm of your hand before you forget. You can also share and remind your friends of whole movements by email or by sending captures of particular poses to help jog their memory.

It also contains a large catalog of human movements. Want to see how to do a dance? Ever wondered about basketball? Well here’s your chance to see how these are done in the palm of your hand, from any angle, speed, and position.

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  • Create and store human body movements in dance, martial arts, sports, or what every else you can dream up, in 3D
  • Play prerecorded moves from a large inbuilt catalog
  • Playback movements in 3D from any angle, zoom level, speed, with the option to view a single view or a split screen of four views at once.
Release date: 2018-01-26
Last update: 2022-03-14