NE360 Undock
NE360 Undock
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NE360 Undock


The NE360 Pairing and Undocking App is required for the initial pairing of your tablet to the InVue stand. Once paired, with this app you be able to:

-Easily undock your device from the frame
-Assign users and admins for the undocking application access
-Disable the stand undock button
-Audit users undocking dates and times

This app will only function with the NE360 and cannot be used with any other InVue products.

  • Easily undock your device from the NE360 base
  • Assign users and admins for undock access
  • Disable the stand undock button
  • Audit user undocking dates and times
Product ID: 9P6TCZ9TLXZ1
Release date: 2020-10-21
Last update: 2022-03-12