PC Cleaner and Optimizer by Nero
PC Cleaner and Optimizer by Nero Free
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PC Cleaner and Optimizer by Nero
PC Cleaner and Optimizer by Nero
PC Cleaner and Optimizer by Nero
PC Cleaner and Optimizer by Nero
PC Cleaner and Optimizer by Nero
PC Cleaner and Optimizer by Nero


Troubled by trash files? Suppose you have problems organizing and deleting files that occupy a large part of your storage. What you need is a PC cleaner like Nero TuneItUp to boost your PC efficiency!

Nero TuneItUp is a powerful productivity tool that can clean, optimize, and accelerate your computer. It can also boost your internet speed and help you find files faster. We are saving you from the endless trouble of deleting them by yourself.

★ Main functions:

-Boot Windows Faster

Did you know that programs are automatically preloaded during system startup so they can be started faster later on? Most of these processes slow down your system and are not needed daily. Nero TuneItUp PRO switches off these unnecessary processes, meaning that your Windows will start faster than ever!

-Surf Web Faster

The wrong browser configuration can seriously slow your surfing experience regardless of your internet connection. Nero TuneItUp PRO analyses your Internet settings and optimizes them with one click!

-Optimize your Windows

During the system start, Windows loads unnecessary background programs and services that are typically not needed. Nero TuneItUp PRO optimizes the configuration. Specific Windows settings can negatively affect your PC’s performance. Nero TuneItUp PRO can automatically optimize your settings and lets you quickly customize your Windows.

-Update your Drivers and Programs

Outdated drivers have a negative impact on the security, performance, and stability of your PC. Nero TuneItUp PRO searches its large database for driver updates and installs them when necessary. Are you sure that the programs on your PC are up to date? Nero TuneItUp PRO shows you all available updates and lets you download and install them. Keeping your drivers and programs up to date helps you close dangerous security gaps and lets you benefit from the latest functions and features.

-Save Power and Energy

Save your laptop’s energy and battery life with just one click! Nero TuneItUp PRO offers the best compromise between performance and energy efficiency.

-Browser History Cleaner

You can clear your browser history to protect your privacy from being compromised by others. Clear your internet footprints with a single click, including your search history, cookies, and download history.

-Privacy Shield

Nero TuneItUp PRO lets you see which privacy settings in your system are enabled to protect your privacy and security. These settings will unintentionally leak a lot of your information. Nero TuneItUp PRO can assist you in ensuring that this does not occur.

-Improve your Gaming Experience

Games these days require a faster read and write speed of the hard drive better to load the massive open world in the games. So it is a must for gamers to check their PC speed constantly. With Nero TuneItUp PRO, players can expect a higher loading speed and smoother gaming experience.

-Organize your media files

★ Nero TuneItUp PRO can identify and organize your media files using the terms you select to help people like content creators to organize videos, sound recordings, and files.

★ Download and install this app to get rid of the useless computer files and tap a button to clean junk files on windows devices.

★ We are going to upload more features for this app! Make sure to stay focused on our latest updates!

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  • Optimize your PC
  • Clean the registry
  • Clean internet traces
  • Clean up system files
  • Remove auto-boot
  • Protect your privacy
  • Save battery and power
  • Boost PC performance
  • Uninstall programs
  • Find and clean duplicate files
  • Find and clean large files
  • Visualize hard drives
Release date: 2021-12-17
Last update: 2023-08-11