Nexus Smart ID
Nexus Smart ID
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Nexus Smart ID
Nexus Smart ID


Nexus Smart ID Desktop App lets you provision and manage virtual smart cards, which are hosted on your laptop and can be used for Windows logon and other Windows-related use cases, such as two-factor authentication to external resources, protection of data by secure encryption, and integrity through reliable signing.

Nexus Smart ID Desktop App is based on Microsoft Virtual Smart Card (VSC) and Universal Windows Platform (UWP) technology. The solution uses native Microsoft mini-driver for communication with the VSC. The app also allows for remote secure encoding of PKCS#11-enabled smartcards.

The Smart ID solution lets you set up virtual smart card lifecycle management for your organization in a few hours.

Note: The app is a part of Nexus Smart ID solution and not intended to be used as a standalone product.

Nexus Smart ID Desktop App lets you:
• Provision and manage virtual smart cards on your laptop
• Authenticate with 2FA to web and local resources
• Log in to Windows
• Encrypt emails
• Sign data and documents digitally

  • VSC, TPM, Certificate management, Smartcard
Release date: 2020-08-28
Last update: 2023-02-01