NHL Scores & Alerts
NHL Scores & Alerts
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Get LIVE, FAST scores, stats and alerts for the NHL!

All your received alerts are saved in your alert history in case you missed any.

Get standard game alerts and player alerts you won’t find anywhere else, all easily configurable.

We use real push technology with no background services running for faster alerts with no wasted bandwidth and battery life.

We also provide:

  • scoring plays and penalties
  • full team rosters
  • team schedules
  • season stats for every player
  • team news from multiple outlets
  • league leaders for a dozen stat categories

The following alert types are available:

  • game start
  • game end
  • score change
  • lead change
  • overtime game
  • power plays
  • hat trick
  • 3 assists
  • close game (5 min. or less remaining, within 1 goal)

** note: This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by the National Hockey League. Any trademarks used in the app are done so under “fair use” with the sole purpose of identifying the respective entities, and remain the property of their respective owners.

  • LIVE scores, stats and alerts
  • scoring plays & penalties
  • full team rosters & schedules
  • team news from multiple sources
  • league leaders for a dozen stat categories
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