Night Stand HD 2
Night Stand HD 2 Free
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Category: Productivity
Flip theme
Classic LCD theme with display options flyout
Alarm display view
World clock theme
Create alarm dialog
Milk theme with app bars open
Add clock to world clock display
Theme selection view


Night Stand HD 2 helps you make the most of your day and stay healthy with it’s unique Aggressive Alarm mode. This is the first release of the Windows 8 port of Night Stand HD 2 which includes 4 themes:

  • Classic LCD
  • Milk
  • World Clock
  • Flip

In addition, the Windows 8 version of Night Stand HD 2 comes with an exclusive new feature called Read Agenda.

The Read Agenda function will read aloud your schedule for the day after the alarm sounds. This can help you get a grip on the day ahead before your eyes are ready to face the day.

Please send us feedback via [email protected] and we hope you enjoy using Night Stand HD 2!


  • Read agenda feature is dependent on being granted access to the calendar in the user’s Microsoft Account.
  • You must leave the app running and the device active for the alarm to sound.
  • Beautifully designed themes
  • View multiple time-zones at once
  • Schedule one-off and recurring alarms
  • Alarms that speak your agenda
  • Weather display with current temperature
Release date: 2013-05-02
Last update: 2019-01-28