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Norton AntiTrack
Norton AntiTrack
Norton AntiTrack


Stop trackers and fingerprinting from following you online or gathering information about you.

Norton™ AntiTrack is a new Windows app and browser extension that keeps your online activities and digital footprint private. Its key features help to obscure your identity from tracking and fingerprinting attempts made by browsers and individual websites. Key features include:
• Anti-Fingerprinting technology
• Tracker & Cookie Blocking
• Tracking Dashboard

Keep your online activities private
Norton™ AntiTrack disguises your digital footprint to prevent websites from tracking and profiling you, allowing you to browse privately

Stay private beyond ‘Incognito Mode’ or VPNs
Norton™ AntiTrack goes beyond ‘Incognito Mode’ or VPNs, preventing companies from profiling you in ways that other tools don’t

See who is trying to track you
We show you which websites are trying to track you and how we’re protecting your privacy

Browse without interruption
While other privacy tools may break websites or trigger annoying warnings, Norton™ AntiTrack is designed to let you seamlessly browse without disruption or sacrificing speed

Prevent ads from following you around the web
When companies can’t track or profile you, their creepy or embarrassing ads won’t show up on your browser for anyone around you to see

Prevent your data from getting into the wrong hands
Your data isn’t just being tracked by the sites you visit. It’s being shared with third parties and you have no control over how they will use it.

Norton™ AntiTrack helps prevent companies from sharing your online behaviors with third parties

  • antifingerprinting
  • tracker blocker
  • cookie blocker
  • tracker dashboard
  • privacy
  • antitracking
  • tracker
  • blocker
  • anti tracking
  • tracking
  • anti fingerprinting
  • fingerprinting
  • cookies
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