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Op Tracker
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Op Tracker
Op Tracker
Op Tracker


Smart tracking for safe, efficient, and productive forestry operations.

Operational Tracker is a simple, turnkey GIS solution to help you track harvesting equipment – feller bunchers, forwarders, harvesters, and skidders – in real-time, and use this information to monitor and quantify equipment performance and productivity. In addition, you can avoid trespasses with warnings sent to you well before you’re too close to a boundary.

With the Operational Tracker on hand, not only will you have a competitive edge in the forest industry, your equipment operators also benefit by having corporate GIS data at their fingertips to enable them to do their work better and faster, while remaining safe and compliant.

How Operational Tracker benefits you

With Operational Tracker, you can get updates that identify productivity and efficiency of your harvesting equipment. No longer will your forest managers need to estimate where the equipment has been or how productive they were – our app does this for you. In fact, Operational Tracker empowers you to see how you are doing, so you can get your job done more efficiently.

Through the power of an iOS, Android or Windows tablet and proprietary Lim Geomatics algorithms, Operational Tracker™ can report on productive machine hours and a wide range of productivity statistics. For operations that require precise navigation, Operational Tracker™ can be paired with an external GNSS device to pinpoint the position of machinery with an accuracy of 50 cm, even while under forest canopy.

Product ID: 9PCXPBB6LZK9
Release date: 2017-05-02
Last update: 2023-01-31