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Picture Communicator for AAC
Supports Open Communication Boards
Share, create, import Communicators
Editor Communicator Boards
Includes Quick Core Boards
Symbol and speech communicator
PiCom symbols included


PiCom is an Augmentative Alternative Communication system (AAC) , which can be used within healthcare systems such as the UK’s NHS, the schools systems, at home or when out and about. PiCom is a picture symbol communicator with text to speech or recorded voice output, that runs on a wide range of tablets, phones and computers.

PiCom is designed to assist people who have difficulty speaking and for whom symbol communication is deemed appropriate. This could be in a school/educational setting or in a medical situation (short or long term).

PiCom has the great advantage in being able to open and create communication boards or grids with the Open Board Format (.obf or obz). This means that boards can be freely exchanged between users, creators and the AAC Apps that can support Open Board format. When you download PiCom, it includes a range of well established communicator grids from experts in the field. You can then edit these, changing images and names to help the communication aid user. PiCom also has is own set of communication symbols, as well as linking to other symbols and the ability to use your own photos (and sounds). The advantages continue, because you can edit or create boards in PiCom, and share to your user’s device or computer - the PiCom app and boards will be the same on all devices, including within a web browser.

PiCom is also highly accessible for people who might have physical difficulties using a device. PiCom can be operated with bluetooth switches, Microsoft X Box Controller and Microsoft Adaptive Control, special external mice, some novel light touch control methods as well as face control. Face control requires more recent devices with high quality cameras and sufficient computing power.

PiCom has some helpful visual features, allowing background and button colours to be modified extensively. It has a high contrast display and a zoom capability. The zoom capability provides the option for a user to work on one single very large communicator board, and move to distinct areas of the board which are displayed on the screen in detail.


  1. PiCom includes a range of proven communicator templates, that can be used immediately and expanded or edited.

  2. Connects to the text to speech voices on your computer, giving a wide range of voice choices in many languages

  3. You can import (and export) existing created communication boards that are in the Open Board Format (file format .obf or .obz)

  4. Edit buttons on existing and new boards, changing background colors, import different symbols, images or photos, change the labels and change the text that is spoken. Add recorded audio to buttons also, using the record feature or import audio.

  5. Create your own Communicators and boards from scratch, you can define sizes, use the button editor to populate each button, and export or share the creator communicator in the Open Board format .obz

  6. Many access control input methods are available for PiCom, including touch, touch zoom, mouse wheel control, joystick, X Box Controller, gamepad D pad/cursor key control, , switch control, face control and micro touchpad control. Microsoft Adaptive Controller and X Box controller support inbuilt, as most recent devices now support this controller.

  7. PiCom can be run as a full screen communicator, or show the selected text/symbols in a viewing windows top or bottom

  8. PiCom can operate in both landscape mode and portrait mode.

  9. PiCom does not require an internet connection to work as a communicator. Internet is required to share and download new boards.

  10. PiCom does not require an account to be created, contains no adverts and does not track data for external usage.

  11. Over 2000 PiCom symbols included and available to boards and available from free download from our website at www.sensoryapphouse.com

  • Picture Communicator for AAC Speech support
  • Supports Open Board Format
  • Create new communicator boards, share and edit existing boards
  • Includes many Communicator Templates which can be edited
  • Access support with switches, gamepad, Microsoft Adaptive Control, Face Control, Touch control and more
  • Includes over 2000 PiCom Symbols
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Release date: 2023-01-24
Last update: 2023-02-13