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Golf Club information
Enter Course characteristics
Define Course layout
Capture pin positions for that day
Sample pin sheet


Pinsheet allows Golf Clubs to produce a more visually appealing pin location sheet for distribution to golfers on the day. Our pin sheets are easier to read, help to prevent playing errors and add to the enjoyment of the game.

Pinsheet also allows Golf Clubs to include Sponsorship information which can be used to attract Corporate funding for golfing events. This gives those sponsors an unobtrusive but direct interaction with every golfer.

What can I do with the Pinsheet app?

  • Enter your Golf Club/Course information
  • Capture your Course layout, including Green dimensions
  • Capture the Pin layout information for a given day, or series of days
  • Produce a PDF pinsheet, which can be printed and handed to golfers
    Pinsheet can be used to manage pin layout sheets for all Courses on your property.

Pinsheet is licensed in the Microsoft Store on a monthly subscription basis, which includes a 7 day full feature trial with your first subscription purchase. Your subscription will be renewed automatically after each month, and you may cancel your subscription at any time.
Once your license has expired you will be able to view all your data and export existing PDF pin sheets, but you will not be able to update existing records or create new ones.

The product also includes a Demonstration mode which is available before you purchase any subscription license. You will be able to view sample data and export PDF pin sheets, but you will not be able to alter existing or create new records.

  • Data Simplicity and Re-use - Capture only the data that you need, then re-use that base data with very little effort.
  • Data Layering - Complex and voluminous data is easy to capture and manage on a single screen.
  • Simplified Design - Intuitive app layout makes it easy to learn and use, enabling to return to your core duties quickly.
  • Customisation, with Defaults - Customise pin sheet layouts and define defaults for consistency and creation speed.
  • PDF Layout Options - We produce different print layouts for use around the course.
Product ID: 9NJFTMZ26B2B
Release date: 2018-02-07
Last update: 2020-12-05