Play Guide Football FIFA 2016
Play Guide Football FIFA 2016
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Tap on the title and it will bring you to each chapter. This is a basic guide to play football game FIFA 2016.

Tips and tricks to help make sure you win the big rewards from football game FIFA 2016. Having a comprehensive understanding of how to play the football game will benefit gamer greatly. However, learning how to beat formations is probably the most critical aspect of improving one’s game-play. Regardless of your style, using the right pieces, suited to the perfect formation, will yield the best results.

For each formation we explain the basic, how it works, identify the most similar formation, show you the main advantages / disadvantages and suggest how to play against that formation. But there’s more! We suggest, for each position, the work rate and attributes that are the most important.

This application has compiled a complete go-to guide for countering formations. Every formation has its strengths and weaknesses, but ultimately, having a balanced squad may be more ideal in this version of the game. With the new passing dynamics, it will almost be pivotal to more than on out-and-out striker. The defending is harder and goals are more challenging to score. Attacking support is going to be the key to being successful.

Starting Formation
Concept Squads
Team Card
Accelerate Team
Loan Player
Play Offline
Draw Famous Football Players

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  • Starting Formation
  • Concept Squads
  • Team Card
  • Accelerate Team
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