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PractiScore is a complete scoring system supporting several types of competitions, including IPSC/USPSA, Steel Challenge, 3Gun, IDPA, ICORE, SASS, NRA/ISSF as well as other variants of time-based and points scoring.

PractiScore has been extensively used for club matches as well as major state and regional matches with several hundred competitors.

Any feedback is welcomed. Please email us at [email protected] or submit issues and enhancement requests to issue tracker at

  • FREE
  • easy one finger scoring
  • easy score summary view for paper backup
  • instant stage and match results
  • complete match specification on your android device
  • easy competitor registration with memory of shooters for less typing
  • WiFi sharing of scores and match definitions between devices
  • instant e-mail of match results from the device
  • an export function allowing export and import of match files
Product ID: XPFD23HVG65FG6
Release date: 0001-01-01
Last update: 0001-01-01