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Prediction Guru
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Follow your favourite league.
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Prediction Guru is a cross platform, lightweight app that is developed for sports enthusiasts to experience the real essence of their favorite leagues by making prediction on the end results. This smart app is developed to be compatible with all the mobile OS platforms making sure everybody has access to it regardless of the device they use.

Prediction Guru has the ability to deliver all the important information like team news, league standings, past match status etc. with 100% accuracy. Needless to say all these information related to the leagues becomes highly advantageous in terms of predicting the end result of a particular game.

Main features
– What you get
Prediction Guru is an event-based app that associates a large range of user activities based on sporting events. All these activities are designed to make your experience better.

  • Being up-to-date
    You will never lose your favorite sporting events because Prediction Guru continues to update you with all the necessary information.

  • Earn achievement badges
    As you progress with more and more accurate predictions and earn more virtual coins, you will be awarded achievement badges. These badges signify your accomplishments and the accuracy of your predictions.

  • Leader board activities
    You can compare your scores with connected friends across the globe and decide your position. The more you predict the more you achieve.

  • Access to information
    In addition to the fixtures, you can get to know all the information of a particular game like team information, player profile information, league news, upcoming advancements etc.

  • Getting connected with friends
    You can share information, compete with them and improve your knowledge by getting connected with Prediction Guru. Also, you can build groups among the like-minded people within this community.

  • My Stakes
    A feature that shows the list of stakes you have already made on matches.

  • Quick Bet
    You can place stakes on your prediction directly from your list of upcoming matches.

  • Loyalty Coins
    When you continue to use the app without missing a single day, a special gift will be offered by Prediction Guru in addition to the daily bonus.

  • Easy to use user interface
    The user interface of Prediction Guru features highly user friendly characteristics. All the options are arranged in an easily accessible mode, making it a pleasant experience for the users. Because of the less complexity, the user can quickly respond to the alerts when necessary.

  • Always up-to-date
    Prediction Guru is designed to get updated quite frequently, making sure users have latest alerts in order to do accurate predictions. These alerts include highly useful statistics pertaining to teams and leagues.

  • Virtual Coins
    This particular app doesn’t utilize real money. Instead, it uses virtual coins. Users can simply increase their virtual wealth as they progress with accurate predictions and wins.

  • Cross-platform compatibility
    Works fine with Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

So, it is all about making the maximum advantage of this much awaited app.

Enjoy the endless excitement!
Let’s predict, win and share.

  • Predict, Win and Share
  • Earn achievement badges
  • Leader board activities
  • Access to sports information
  • Getting connected with friends
  • My Stakes
  • Loyalty Coins
  • Cross-platform compatibility
Release date: 2016-02-10
Last update: 2020-10-19